Created by Andy and Victoria Stonehouse


Lily is a little girl who goes on lots of adventures with her friends. Lily likes to play, explore, fix things and have fun. Her favourite things to do are playing hide and seek, making jigsaws and baking cakes. Lily is happy and always has a smile for everyone she sees.

Rosie Bear

Rosie Bear is Lily’s oldest and most special friend, Lily loves her very much. Lily takes Rosie Bear everywhere with her, but sometimes she gets lost and Lily gets really sad! Rosie Bear helps Lily on all of her adventures, they do everything together.


Moosehead is Lily’s other special friend, she likes to cuddle him and he is always by her side. Moosehead is stripy and squeaks when you squeeze him, this makes Lily laugh. Lily sometimes loses Moosehead too, but she always finds him again!


Mia is Lily’s pet cat. Mia is fluffy and cuddly, she purrs with delight when you stroke her. Mia joins Lily on all of her adventures with their friends, she is very helpful but full of mischief! Her favourite place to sleep is either on Lily’s bed or under the chair in Lily’s bedroom.

Uncle Sam

Lily’s Uncle Sam is the best by far! He’s Lily’s real Uncle and they are very close, they spend lots of time together playing games and learning new things. Uncle Sam uses a wheelchair which Lily sometimes takes a ride in on Sam’s knee. They have lots of fun and Lily makes Uncle Sam smile huge, big smiles.

Grandad Stash

Grandad Stash is actually Lily’s real Grandad, he reads Lily stories and plays games with her. Grandad Stash is very helpful, he knows how to fix almost anything and his tool bag goes with him everywhere. He’s also very proud of his mighty moustache which is admired far and wide. Lily loves her Grandad very much and Grandad Stash thinks she’s a very special little girl indeed.


Eddie is such a loveable dog, he has a beautiful shiny coat and loves eating his dog treats. He likes to chase after sticks, jump in puddles, and he can run very fast. Eddie’s strong and super helpful, Lily always asks him for his help when they need to solve a problem.


One day Uncle Sam and Aunty Emma bring home a new puppy called Bertie. Bertie is great for Sam and is as cute as can be. He's only a puppy but is learning how to be a 'good doggy'. He loves treats and making friends, he's such a clever little man.